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  • 2010.12.27 Monday
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  • by スポンサードリンク


Waiting for you, I do not regret

 Waiting for you, I do not regret

The wind stopped, the clouds stopped, your heart was cute, but you can not stop, because I put all my love, all without reservation to stay in your side, never retrieved the and could not justify to the ...
How many times, I always ask myself, why should I love you so? Why do I love you asking for anything else? Even if you gave me is hurt, and I love you so hard, know what you really left me at the moment, I understand, the original, you have only my original, I can not do without you. But now, I really do not have you, I'm still alive, do not leave, can only just to be alive Bale. You leave, the sky is not blue ...
Yuanyuan, do you know when I learned all of this moment, my time stand still, sad voice of Montreal, then in my ears ...

Yuanyuan, you know you left the night, I sleep at night, but emaciated helpless tears in my eyes between flood ...

Yuanyuan, you know you left me a dark sky, I endured the pain of piercing, the call over and over again until the choking breath, filling my throat ...

Love, hurt, pain.

In this way, you're gone, and with so far-fetched reasons, forced to go. It turned out that my birthday has become a memorial day of our love, original, and I eventually bury our love ... I will remember this day, remember my birthday,Car Ornaments|Auto Locksmith Tools|LAUNCH X-431|D-CAN Interface|inpa k+can|xprog-m|upa usb|Alarms and Security my birthday, from no longer exists, never cease to exist.

Yuanyuan, I do not know your mind, how many of our fragments persist, I hope it can be transformed into a beautiful, with you forever. Had read the language, see who's photo, sad already eyeful, with a constant temperature, across time, fell to the ground, and finally disappeared in flat light ...

Late at night, the stars are sleeping, leaving only me alone, for you can not sleep. Sleep, Yuanyuan, I will quietly pray, I wish you good night.

Also, perhaps, only be so dull before sinking my broken heart, get frozen room to love you, frozen in my heart, treasured collections together, and then struggling in the place where I hurt severely get up, put up a painful smile. I do not want to be seen, I find any at this time.

Pick up a piece of the Canmeng, hides in my arms, because that above, filled with your smile, I do not have the heart, no matter discarded. Even if only a moment's time, I will remember the love once, though perhaps only as a souvenir, but I am also peace of mind.

With a final conviction, with the final nostalgia, I catch up with time, looking forward to the day we meet again, meet in a quiet garden, meet in the busy street. There can be more looking forward to that day, we fell in love again, if there really are so one day I will cherish even more than before, and you agree, no longer isolated.

Yuanyuan, whether you agree or not, I will wait for you, from the day you left me, not leave, do not give up.

Yuanyuan,Bmw GT1|diagnostic tool|auto diagnostic tools|Programmer and Chips |Auto Testing Tools|Transponder Key|Tire Pressure Monitoring System|Original ICC IMMO Calculator| whether you answer do not agree, I will still wait for you to be happy in your day, I will choose to leave, silently bless you, happy for you ...

Waiting for you, I do not regret my only regret is not perfect;

Waiting for you, I do not regret, I can not be your only regret only;

Waiting for you, I do not regret, just regret I was not able to be with you.

Yuanyuan, do not cry, do not say I'm sorry, you do, I will be more sad, but please do not forget, I still love you, still have not left you ...

Waiting for you, not asking for anything for you, than I just hope you can happy.

The tears flow for you, I do not regret it, you can only hope that one day, intended to turn Xin back, let me shed tears of happiness.

Yuanyuan, waiting for you, I do not regret ...


  • 2010.12.27 Monday
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  • by スポンサードリンク


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